An African Wedding is a big event. It is usually split into two events and spans many days. You see there’s a difference in how people get married in Africa. It is more than the union of a bride and groom; it is a union of two families.  If you’re thinking of incorporating some African culture into your wedding then this is for you. We thought we should give you some tips here at Qesty Events. Here is a sample of a wedding timeline from Africa. It is from West Africa to be precise.

  • The Introduction

The introduction is where the two families meet each other officially. It is where the couple asks for clearance to start their courtship. Once given by both families, they can then proceed to their engagement. It is at this meeting that the bride’s family gives the groom a list. This list contains gifts(dowry) that he is to bring along for the engagement.

  • The Dowry

The dowry is what the bride’s family requests from the groom before they consent to the marriage. It is intended as a form of appreciation to the bride’s family. The idea is to compensate them for taking away a family member and thank them for keeping her safe thus far. The list usually contains foodstuffs, clothes, drinks, and more. A groom who cannot produce said items is often counted unworthy. However, the contents of the list are negotiable.

  • The Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony comes after the introduction. At this ceremony, the groom comes back with the items from the list, and then the engagement is approved. It is where the families agree that the wedding can take place.

Engagements also double as the traditional marriage. Once the family agrees that the content of the dowry has been met, the bride is given away to the groom. Some couples include an exchange of rings. It is a joyful occasion with lots of eating, drinking, and partying.

  • The Church Wedding (Also Known as White Wedding)

After the traditional wedding, if the couple is Christian, they have another ceremony. Known as the white wedding, this ceremony often occurs on a Saturday. It is patterned after the average European and American church wedding. There is a procession, walking down the aisle and the saying of vows. The marriage is then blessed by the pastor/officiant after which the couple signs a marriage certificate. From this ceremony, most couples and their guests head to a lavish reception.

  • The Reception

Africans know how to party! So, you bet the reception is a huge party. It is usually like the average US wedding reception except that it is also a free for all. People don’t often bother with making a guest list, gate crashers are a norm. As a result, the couple budgets for as many people as possible. These events are a fun party that brings everyone close together. They signal the end of the wedding.

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