Figuring out your wedding budget is not an easy feast. Your wedding party would be the priciest and biggest party you have ever hosted. To make your wedding budget, these are the points you must keep in mind:

  • Maintain a detailed spreadsheet to stop over going during wedding planning
  • Tally your savings time to time
  • Be ready for unexpected costs
  • Make meaningful cuts in case of exceeding your total budget
  • Be willing to compromise on certain things (Remember when your budget is limited, you cannot always get what you want)
  • Don’t’ compare yourself to other people. Thus, when you see glamourous weddings and parties on social media remember such high-end designs and decor cost a lot of money you might afford. Hence look forward to having a ceremony family and friends can have fun and create memories.

Thinking and planning the wedding budget is surely the least-glamorous part of wedding planning. But luckily setting and then sticking to a fixed wedding budget can be the best gift that you give to yourself as a couple.

While setting a wedding budget, couples think about the wedding they want and then think about how much they are comfortable spending. Here the conflict arises as mostly, these two concepts do not match easily. It is almost impossible to predict the amount required for the event you are envisioning is going to cost unless you get into the nitty-gritty of planning.

Indeed, you can possibly have a perfect (according to you) wedding on any budget you have. It is a tough job, but following some simple rules will ensure a happily ever after debt-free wedding:

Rules for Debt Free Wedding Coming in Next Post, Stay Tuned.