Summer is a beautiful time of the year. We love summer weddings here at Qesty events and the many décor opportunities that they bring. If you’ll be tying the knot in the summer season and need some décor ideas, we’d love to help with that. You’ll most likely be having an outdoor wedding, but some of the tips we’ll give here, are great for indoor weddings too. Here are nine summer wedding décor ideas to help make your wedding memorable.

Ceremony Backdrops

This is one of the few ways that you can make where you take your vows personal in an outdoor summer wedding. Some great ideas include a drape of fabric over some tree branches or a customized wooden background. Hanging a stunning flower garland on a simple tree trunk could also work the magic. Using ceremony backdrops for your summer wedding is a great idea.

Flower Wall

Flower walls have the capacity to take your wedding from great to awesome!!! Your guests won’t be able to resist the opportunity to share their lovely photos in front of your flower wall on Instagram. Incorporating a flower wall into your summer wedding is a great way to stay on theme. Your guests will love the opportunity to stop, take a pose and love the selfies they take in front of it.

Seasonal Flowers

Staying on the flower idea, you already know that no summer wedding is complete without flowers. For your summer wedding décor, you should go for flowers that are in season. Some of them are orchids, calla lilies, garden roses and sunflowers. They can stand the heat of the weather and will look amazing in your décor and wedding pictures too.

Hanging Lights

Lighting is a very important part of your summer wedding, especially if it is outdoors. With your lighting, you can add color and drama to your summer wedding setting. One of the options you can opt for are small white twinkle lights. Once put up, they’ll give your wedding venue an elegant look while illuminating the area. Your guests will love to come together and mingle in the lovely glow that these lights create.

Wedding Signage

Wedding signs are a fabulous way to direct your guests and personalize your wedding. They give couples a chance to share some lovely ideas and thoughts with guests. For your summer wedding, chalkboards, wooden signs and even properly crafted paper scrolls will do. They’ll keep in line with the natural summer theme while looking fabulous.

Colorful Candles

Go beyond the use of white candles for your lovely summer wedding. One of the things we love about summer weddings is the burst of colors that they come with. Celebrate this in your wedding by adding candles of different colors to your wedding table. You can arrange them around your centerpieces so that they give the center of your table a lovely look. You can also have them floating in water contained in a nicely shaped bowl at the center of your table. It’ll look surreal while adding a splash of color to your wedding.

Fresh Color Palette

Summer Choose a light, airy and soft color palette to add freshness but at the same time spice it up with a dash of bold colors here and there depending on the setting. These color palettes perfectly complement the summer season, however, avoid dark shades.


If you have a notion that balloons are only for children’s birthday parties, then you need to think twice. Balloons can make for an interesting summer wedding décor idea. However, make sure to stick with whites and pinks and keep the color palette soft and sophisticated. A rainbow of balloons also isn’t a bad idea.

These warm-weather-friendly Decor Ideas for Summer Weddings will make for a perfect summer wedding. So, if there’s a wedding in the family or it is one of the friends getting hitched, make sure you keep these décor ideas in mind!