All wedding budgets are not the same. They are affected by factors like the number of guests coming and the taste of the couple involved. So how much will mine cost you ask? Well first, you need to have the answers to the following questions:

• Where are you getting married?
• What is your wedding date? Will you consider another day of the week?
• How many guests are you inviting?
• What’s your take on flowers? Do you love, like, or dislike flowers?
• How important is food…good food?
• What do you want your guests to say when they leave your wedding?
• Once you answer these questions, then we can say it will cost between $A, and $Z and here is why:

•Your Location Is Important
Locations that give all-inclusive wedding packages are bound to be cheaper than your average wedding venues. If you can find a place where you can have both your ceremony and reception, it’s usually best to take it.
You’ll pay less overall and will also be able to cut off transportation costs from your wedding ceremony to your reception. Some are all inclusive while others offer couples a chance to bring their own vendors.

•Fewer Guests Mean Lower Costs
The average wedding cost per person is high. If you take ten people off your guest list, you would have saved a huge amount. The number of people at your wedding has a direct effect on your wedding budget.
Yes, it’s okay to have a big wedding with lots of family and friends there to cheer you up. It’s also great to find a balance that does not put you in debt after the celebration. Having a wedding planner can also help to make this process easier. Choose from our list of great planners here.

•Flower Can Raise Your Cost
You can avoid this by going for only local flowers that are in season and working with a local florist who knows what they’re doing. Using more greenery at your wedding will also lower your costs. You can also ask if your florist works by the hours too. This will help you spend less for your Wedding party.

•A Good Caterer
Lots of studies have proven that the majority of wedding guests go there for the food. If you want to please your guests, you must spend on food for your wedding. The best weddings also have different options for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. The downside is that you could end up paying higher for food for your wedding.

•A Memorable Wedding Does Not Necessarily Have to Be Costly
There are always alternatives that you can incorporate into your wedding to make it less costly. Hiring a good wedding planner will also give you useful tips, and they could help get discounts to minimize your wedding costs further.

The above six tips will come in very handy when creating your wedding budget. That’s however not all that we have concerning weddings here on our website. There are many other tips here which can help you with the planning of all aspects of your wedding. Make sure to check them out. We wish you the best of luck!!!
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